How to help your failing team using a “Catastrospective”

Have you ever struggled to understand why a team is not performing? Whether it’s missing deadlines, failing to communicate or simply not sharing responsibility for the outcome, there’s usually more than one cause. It’s frustrating as a people manager or leader to see talented individuals not living up to their potential when they work together. Having individual 1:1s to… Read More »

SEO differences between ECommerce and News websites

I work in ECommerce, and it’s one of my jobs to manage my company’s SEO. This means I read a lot of blogs and keep ontop of ECommerce events, trends and changes. Setting up an ECommerce store online would require an SEO journey that looked something like these (disgustingly simplified!) steps: Make sure your site… Read More »

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Slacktivism: Is Facebook responsible?

What is Slacktivism? Slacktivism is an oxymoronic marriage of “slack” (i.e. lazy) and “activism” (i.e. involvement in charitable or political causes). A literal translation might be “The misguided feeling that a tiny, digital engagement with a cause or campaign has made a difference”. Slacktivism has come to prominence recently through the increased use of social media to promote political, cultural or… Read More »

Website Speed Test Case Study: Asda, Clarks, Lovehoney and WorldStores

I want to start with an immense generalisation: “It is almost impossible to find examples in the use of technology in which the user benefits from, or appreciates a response slower than that which they expected.” This very much underpins a user’s experience of an ECommerce website: Users are demanding, they have high expectations, in… Read More »

ECommerce career help – 5 top tips

Are you stuck in a web/marketing job with no way up the career ladder? Often it’s the work environment itself that can be a limiting factor, such as having too many experienced peers ahead of you or a manager who doesn’t see the need to develop their employees. It’s easy to get stuck in a… Read More »